Every year many businesses find themselves not prepared to deal with ice on walkways that can occur so suddenly during ice storms in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

“Slip and fall accidents are the leading cause of injuries that occur away from the home. Freezing conditions that cause ice on stairs and sidewalks increase these accidents substantially.” said Dennis Box, President of DBox, Inc. “These accidents can be minor from abrasions or sprains. Or much more serious such as broken bones or even head injuries.”

Having plenty of Ice Melt product on hand, and someone who can apply the product, is a good start in providing as safe a property as you can in these weather conditions. Ice Melt coverage can vary greatly depending on the type of product used, the amount of ice and snow to remove, temperature fluctuations and/or duration, proper run-off drainage, etc.

Commercial Maintenance Companies like DBox, Inc can schedule ice melting visits before the ice even hits. This is a great idea because trying to find a company or product on the day of the ice storm can be extremely difficult.

DBox Commercial Maintenance Company has the equipment and the expertise to take the worry out of freezing walkways, sidewalks and parking lots around your company. Call (817) 858-6920 early and get on the list of DFW businesses that will be serviced on the day of freezing conditions.