DBox, Inc of Fort Worth, Texas will celebrate its 15th anniversary beginning 2011. Using his nickname received as a college student, Dennis Box founded the business after a successful ten-year career in sales and marketing with a Fortune 150 company.


Initially providing outdoor cleaning services to retail strip centers in Dallas and Fort Worth, DBox gradually expanded its offerings to include a broad range of maintenance services that are offered to commercial property managers of shopping centers, industrial parks and office buildings. Starting with 5 employees, the company now has 50 employees who service clients across north Texas.


In 2008 business was expanded into manufacturing and now includes products used by commercial property owners and managers for maintaining their sites. These unique products include:Phantom Sign A unique product that is applied to sidewalks and other concrete surfaces that when wet, reveals custom messages like “caution” or “wet”.


Argyle Site Furnishings – Beautiful cast concrete benches, waste receptacles, planters, ash urns and other items designed to complement any property.


GlassMasking Paint –      replaces ugly “paper over” vacancy glass, it easily rolls onto the window and simply peels off when no longer needed.


Additionally, in 2010 DBox, Inc was named as the exclusive north Texas distributor for the Graffiti Solutions line of professional graffiti removal products.


“Our goal at DBox is the delivery of Customer Delight to our clients by providing services and products that exceed their expectations” says company President Dennis Box. “Property managers today are under ever increasing pressure to satisfy the demands of their property owners, tenants and regulatory authorities. DBox can be the “pressure relief valve” in helping to meet these demands”.