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DBox, Inc. brings over 18 years of expertise in our field to commercial property managers and owners.  DBox is fortunate to have a highly skilled and seasoned management team, with extensive knowledge and relevant experience with commercial properties. Each DBox Supervisor oversees a geographic territory and interacts  daily with our clients and field personnel. Our company started with 5 employees and we have since grown to 50.  We bring unrivaled service to the marketplace, and strive to exceed customer expectations with each job that we do.  When you call us, be assured, we will respond as quickly as possible. In addition to our in-house maintenance service business experts, DBox Property Products consist of 6 unique and proprietary products designed specifically for use at commercial properties. GlassMasking Paint is sold nationally and internationally, and our Argyle Site Furnishings, Wheel Stops,  Stair Treads, and Graffiti Solutions products are sold throughout Texas and the surrounding states. Inception Lighting, a new concept in decorative exterior building lighting, is a start up company that DBox is working with to introduce nationally. All DBox staff are employees; NOT independent contractors or day laborers, which is often a rarity in our industry.  This is not only the right thing to do for our staff, but we believe this brings legitimacy to our company, and to the finished product we put out into the marketplace.  This translates into peace of mind for the commercial property owners and managers, by giving the assurance that their liability exposure is greatly reduced due to our General Liability and Worker Compensation coverage while our employees are on their property. There are several positive and exciting changes happening at DBox in 2014. We look forward to bringing these changes to the market, and putting our 18 years of experience to work at your property.   Please call DBox at 817-858-6920, and see the difference our experts make to your North Texas commercial property.