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glassmasking peel-away paint

Beautiful – Affordable – Durable – these are the attributes Argyle Site Furnishings provide to shopping centers, municipalities, schools, and office buildings. Designed to complement any location, they allow visual coordination with various color combinations and styles that enhance the design theme of your property. Made of cast concrete in our North Texas facility, delivery (and placement) is made via our trucks to your site.

glassmasking peel-away paint

Arglye TRA30: Austin Stone-style waste receptacle placed at park

glassmasking paint

Argyle TRB30: brick-style trash receptacle, stained brown to match brick of building

glassmasking paint

Traditional Argyle TR30 waste receptacle in aggregate stone.

Our TR30 has been produced for 40 + years and is used across Texas and
Oklahoma at schools, municipalities, and commercial buildings

glassmask paint

Custom waste receptacles for TCU