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Our maintenance work is done on a contractual, bid, or hourly basis and dispatched to the maintenance staff via handheld PDAs.

DBox, Inc provides a wide array of maintenance and repair services. We employ only expert craftsmen that have the knowledge skill level necessary to deliver the best results. We can accommodate your busy schedules and we are always ready to handle any emergencys.

flag - MAINTENANCE Asphalt Repair

flag - MAINTENANCE Bird Control Services

flag - MAINTENANCE Carpentry

flag - MAINTENANCE Carpet Cleaning

flag - MAINTENANCE Change Ceiling Tiles

flag - MAINTENANCE Concrete & Brick Repair

flag - MAINTENANCE Curb Stop Installation

flag - MAINTENANCE Door, Cabinet, Drawer

flag - MAINTENANCE Fence Repair/Installation

flag - MAINTENANCE Flooring, Tile, Grout repair

flag - MAINTENANCE Glass Replacement

flag - MAINTENANCE Graffiti Removal

flag - MAINTENANCE Haul Off Trash/Debris

flag - MAINTENANCE Health department compliance

flag - MAINTENANCE Lighting Checks/Reports

flag - MAINTENANCE Lock Outs

flag - MAINTENANCE Painting

flag - MAINTENANCE Parking Lot Striping

flag - MAINTENANCE Power Washing

flag - MAINTENANCE Pothole Patch

flag - MAINTENANCE Pigeon Trapping

flag - MAINTENANCE Roof Clean-up

flag - MAINTENANCE Sheetrock Repair

flag - MAINTENANCE Sign Remove/Install

flag - MAINTENANCE Vacancy Make Readys

flag - MAINTENANCE Water Extraction

flag - MAINTENANCE Welding Work

flag - MAINTENANCE Window Washing

Maintenance - MAINTENANCE